“The real voyage of discovery is not to seek new landscapes but to have new eyes.”  Marcel Proust




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About Kaleidoscope therapy

We are all the ages we’ve ever been and all the experiences we’ve ever had. There are no quick fixes to anxiety, depression, trauma or addiction.

There is no external intervention that can make us whole again, until we learn how to integrate our own pieces of self, to process our events and relationships, to ask the questions we avoided and find our own way of re-assembling ourselves into a wholesome and connected image. Much like a kaleidoscope does. 

To guide you in this journey, I use an integrative approach to Jungian, existential and psychodynamic therapy, drawing on different therapeutic tools and techniques to suit your individual needs and goals. 

I offer a vast experience of working with people and a flexible and inclusive approach to treatment. 

 At Kaleidoscope Therapy Services, I aim for a unique and effective research-grounded approach for each story that needs retelling.

Similarly, I am doing my best to stay flexible in my fees. The average fee is £50 / 50-minute session, but I practice a sliding scale depending on the frequency of sessions and each set of circumstances.

Prior to committing to the therapeutic process, there will be an initial assessment meeting, where we decide together on the best course of treatment, duration, frequency and costs.

I currently work online with patients from both the UK and Europe and also offer face-to-face sessions in my Christchurch private practice. 

If you’re not entirely sure you want to commit to therapy, but you feel overwhelmed or simply sense that there is need and room for change in your life, drop me a line here and I will gladly help you decide whether therapy is the choice for you.


Gold Kaleidoscope Pattern


Don’t believe them when they say that therapy is for the “weak”. Quite on the contrary: it takes a lot of strength to do the work of revisiting yourself.
Therapy is supportive and runs on empathy, but it is not comfortable. It is out of this ability to stretch oneself and sit with one’s own uncomfortable feelings that growth happens.

Gold Kaleidoscope Pattern


We humans have an innate competence for self-growth and individuation. If we stopped doing that at some point it’s because something happened to us, not because there’s something wrong with us.

Self-compassion is one of the most difficult things that therapy requires.

Gold Kaleidoscope Pattern


What enables healing is not what a therapist does, says or advises. It is the relationship.

Congruence is the healthy give-and-take between an empathetic, fully engaged therapist and a client who is curious and compassionate towards their vulnerabilities.


Ana Rampelt, M.A., UKCP

A headshot of Ana Rampelt

My work with others spans over 20 years and my experience itself draws on a kaleidoscopic integration of many yet related fields of expertise:

My background in cultural studies lay the foundation for understanding otherness and empathy. My experience as a mentor and trainer for education practitioners and other young professionals across Europe grounded my beliefs on how people can and want to change.

My counselling work for a community centre helping vulnerable adults make a transition towards autonomy helped me acquire perspective. It taught me valuable lessons about the interconnectedness between mental health and financial (in)security, (under)privilege and the ability to sustain gratifying relationships and support systems.

My facilitation work with psycho-educational groups and experiential process groups in both Europe and the United States gave me the tools to enable individuals and communities to find their own resources and their own voice to enact psychological, emotional and social change.

My decision to channel that experience into getting certified in Transactional Analysis and then in Compassionate Inquiry, followed closely by venturing into a 4-year psychoanalytic psychotherapy training came to reinforce what I already knew: what heals people is not books, singular schools of thought or ready-made self-help lists of tips and tricks. It is their engagement in a lively, challenging yet nurturing relationship with another, who walked the walk themselves and is now a guide and a fellow-traveller. And because everything has to have a name, they called them a therapist.

My qualifications

Scattered shapes of a kaleidoscope


Give yourself a turn. Reframe your story into a new pattern.


I currently work with adults who are struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues or family history. 

I offer weekly, medium or long-term therapy. The frequency and duration is something to agree on together after an initial consulttion

I work with couples who are in need of a personal and relational reshuffling, or who are coping with an array of adversity and transgenerational conditions.

I work with people who want to understand their emotions better and develop more stable relationships.

Gold Kaleidoscope Pattern
Gold Kaleidoscope Pattern

My work is neither to “fix you” nor to turn you into a “new” you. Everything you need is already there. As I practice it, therapy can only remove the obstacles that your history, trauma or loss placed in the way of your full potential.

Therapy is all about you and your particular story. That is why I intend to stay flexible in all other aspects of therapy: format (I can offer sessions once, twice or three times a week), fees and therapeutic techniques and approaches. 

I invite you for a preliminary meeting here.

Give yourself a turn.

Video call

Video Call

I currently work with my clients on Zoom or Skype, as they are encrypted to protect confidentiality. Please inquire about other potential platforms.

Phone call

Phone Call

I am willing to occasionally hold sessions on the phone if there is a strong preference for that or you are unable to access the internet regularly.

face to face communication

Face to Face

I see individuals and couples in my private practice in Christchurch. Please inquire about times and availability.

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